Our Furniture

Hanging Chair KOR
Hanging Chair
Azzura Armchair T
Azzura Armchair

Fuerte Rocking and Stool-P
Fuerte Rocking Chair and Stool

Peony Table
Peony Table

R01 Chair Type A (Solid Black) 59x69.5x73 (1-3)
Baby High Chair

R04 Table (Solid Black) 35dia. x 40cm (1-3)
R.04 Table 

(Solid Black)

35 X 40


R09 KKCL110 Chaise Lounge (Solid Black) - 60x180x70cm (1-5)
R.09 Chaise Lounge 
 (Solid Black)
60 X 180 X 70

Brooklyn Armchair (Natural Black) 60x60x78cm
Brooklyn Armchair

(Natural Black)

WDH : 60 X 60 X 78

Flore Armchair (Light Pink) 60x57x85cm (2-5)
Flore Arm Chair

(Light Pink)

WDH : 60 X 57 X 85

Peony Chair (BR-056) 50x48x70
Peony Chair
Ferdinand Armchair
Ferdinand Armchair

R02 Table w10mm Tempered Glass (Solid Black) 60cm dia.x 36.5cm (2-4)
R.02 Table W 10 mm
Tempered Glass
(Solid Black)

Monsela Dining Chair
Monsela Dining Chair

R10 KKMS110 Meditation Space (Solid Black) (3-3)
R.10 Meditation Space
(Solid Black)

Luna armchair-P
Luna Armchair


Brooklyn Table (Black) 60dia. x 47cm
Brooklyn Table


Photo R03 Armchair (Solid Black) 90x70x78cm (1-5)
R.03 Armchair
(Solid Black)
90 X 70 X 78

Alivio Armchair-P
Alivio Armchair
Monsunri Armchair


R11 KKSF110 Sofa (Solid Black) 80x60x36.5cm x2 (5-5)
R.11 Sofa 
(Solid Black)
80 X 60 X 36,5 X 2

R08 KKST113 Stool (Solid Black) 40dia. x 40cm (2-4)
R.08 Stool

(Solid Black)