Raw Material

Our Raw Material

Banjarmasin family
Banjarmasin Factory staff

Harvesting rattan
Harvesting rattan in the forest

Workers stripping the thorns from the rattan vines when harvesting

Raw rattan transported
Harvested rattan 

Transporting their harvest to be sold at a nearby village in Central Kalimantan

Bines Webbing Repair Section (002)

workers repairing and inspecting finished products

Large drying area in Bjm
Rattan drying

Rattan from the forest being dried under the sun

1 kg 4mm coil packed
Rattan Core

Rattan core being packed into coils

Rattan arriving by boat from upstream river 

Rattan arriving from Central Kalimantan at Bines's Jetty

Flat flat core 10 mm

1st Quality

Rattan Lapping Cane

1st Qlty shaved edge 5.00mm

2.00 mm RRC

1st Quality Rattan Round Core

IMG20210128043113 (1)

Workers working  1/2" Open Mesh Webbing 


1/2" Open Mesh Webbing

1st Quality Natural & Semi-Bleach